This part of the website documents the strategies employed by the Turn off the Red Light (TORL), a campaign.

The strategies outlined include:

  • An evidence based campaign – the use of evidence, data and research which underpinned the campaign and its wider strategies.
  • Building a broad alliance – the campaign had over 72 members, representing many aspects of Irish Society. The membership gave a ‘guesstimate’ of 1.6 million members.
  • Communication Strategy:From the outset Turn off the Red Light was a pro-active campaign, using every opportunity to engage with the media.  One of its core members, the Immigrant Council of Ireland, coordinated and implemented the communications strategy.It had a number of core elements which are outlined below:
    • Media Liaison strategy
    • Social media
    • Promotional materials and Advertising
    • Arts and the campaign
  • Advocacy strategy – in order to ensure political support for the recommended legislative changes, the campaign had a robust strategy to ensure and maintain political engagement/support.
  • Collaboration with the arts – the campaign worked with the arts to provide additional supports to the campaign and this strategy is described in the chapter.


Ivana Bacik  – Labour Party
Political participation
Jerry O’Connor  – Former political strategist to the campaign
Overview and Communications

Jerry O’Connor  – Former political strategist to the campaign